Your Journey With US

Restoring and preserving the fragile Okavango eco system has been and remains a lifelong journey. Maintaining the fragile balance between tourism, the environment, local communities and commerce is a delicate dance that is only made possible by your journey with us. 

Offering affordable entry level safaris to all age groups gives us the opportunity to host you on the experience of a lifetime in an environment as untouched today as at the dawn of time.

With over thirty years of experience in creating magical experiences our guests enjoy a range of accommodation choices from ensuite airconditioned chalets, ensuite river front tents or self-drive camping. 

Our specialist safari designers can also tailor make add on experiences to suit your budget and create life changing memories. 

Whether it’s your first African Safari or if you are a Safari veteran, we will guide you through your safari planning and experiences. Our safari guides will explore the Delta with you by boat, makoro, on foot or by air to share the magic of our world heritage location.